Dragon Ball Z RPG

Getting started:

This is a site for role playing DBZ (Dragon Ball Z), you have to make your very own character, after posting the following steps that you read very soon, your character will be accepted, there are different role playing spots on in Now Start Playing which is where you will post your DBZ character's information in the "Character Sheet" section. _________________________________________________________

The things you WILL need to post are:

Character's name: (The name you would like your character to have. Please understand that you can not be someone from the show.)

Nickname(s): (Any nickname(s) your character has)

Gender: (Female/Male)

Age: (Your characters age, can be however old, but be responsible and make sure your character acts his/her's age. And remember that this RP takes 100 years after the show.)

Appearance: (Expound on your characters hair, eye color, physique and clothing. Try being as descriptive as possible)

Picture: (A picture of your character)

Location: (Where your character is currently living or where he/she starts out)

Race: (Your character's race, what you want he/she to be whether it be a Sayian, Buu, Human, or any other from the series, you can make your own race to your liking)


Power Level: (200)



(The highest you can go to is 97 you will rate 1-97 on your stats though at the end they should all add up to 100. 1-29 means that your character lacks in that area of expertise, 30-40 means that it's pretty equal as in your character has no trouble with it, and 41-97 means that your character needs no help with that stat, aka their at professional range.)

STR: (Strength)

FOC: (Focus)

END: (Endurance)

AGI:  (Agility)


Natural Abilities: (List your characters 3 abilities and what they do. Please understand that flying & ki sense are natural.)

Technique List: (List the techniques your character has learned. Please provide descriptions to prevent confusion. You may ONLY choose 2 techniques to start off with.)

Ki Color: (The user can focus and control their internal Ki. Most commonly done through beams, blasts, or some kinds of barriers. Though you get to decide the color if you like.)

Alignment: (Basically whether your character is good, semi-good, or just plain evil. Be warned the actions you choose to make on this website can and will cause your alignment to change)

Personality: (Your character's personality, how he/she acts, their likes and dislikes, mental disabilities, and anything else involving physiological state. 100 words or less)

Weakness: (Any fears or phobias he/she has, disadvantages in battle, elements they have issues with etc. Choose AT LEAST 3)

Strengths: (Their advantages in combat, elements they are strongest in etc. Also may only have 3)

Motivations: (Why your character is doing what he/she does. Try getting up to at least 100 words)

History: (All the things your character has gone through, so just past history etc)


That’s all you need, again if you have any questions please message me at beastboybrown@yahoo.com or my friend who is currently helping me at clarity2199@yahoo.com. Thanks and I hope you will enjoy and have as much fun as possible on this our site here- http://w11.zetaboards.com/DBZ_RPG/index/